The Firm

Madison Grant Fund Inc. is a Toronto-based investment banking firm, specializing in tax-assisted financing for public companies. We establish Limited Partnerships to afford another source of financing to thriving, publicly held companies that are experiencing short-term losses. At Madison Grant Fund Inc., we provide:
  • public companies with access to current capital at a premium share price, in return for access to current losses; and

  • investors with immediate and significant tax advantages, while offering mid- to long-term growth potential.

Madison Grant News Releases:

Madison Grant Launches US Real Estate Limited Partnership
May 1, 2008, Toronto
Madison Grant Fund Inc. Announces 2006 Small Cap Fund Closed
Dec.. 31, 2006 Toronto
Madison Grant Fund Inc. Announces Annualized Return On Investment (ROI)
Nov. 9, 2006 Toronto
Madison Grant Small Cap Fund Inc. New Investee Company To Join Fund
Oct. 25, 2006 Toronto

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