About Us — What does Madison Grant Fund Inc. do?

Madison Grant Fund Inc. is a Canadian fund that utilizes a proven structure of Limited Partnerships, which provide a source of investment financing to thriving, publicly held companies currently experiencing short-term losses.

We do this by:

  • setting criteria for investing in public companies;
  • investigating public companies that meet the criteria;
  • meeting with potential public companies to determine the level of interest and fit with the Madison Grant Fund Inc. structure;
  • creating a term sheet that is tax advantageous to the public company and investors;
  • conducting due diligence using a team of expert advisors;
  • completing the transaction with the investors and then the public company;
  • having representation on the public company's board and creating an advisory committee to help with the investment; and
  • determining the ideal time to sell the investment to maximize profitability for investors.

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