For Investee Companies — Madison Grant Fund Inc.

Madison Grant Fund Inc. provides public companies with access to current capital at a premium share price in return for access to current losses. We are the only fund in Canada that uses tax losses as a financing tool for growing public companies. Our objective is to invest and hold, as an equity player, for three-to-five years. We bring to the public company a depth of knowledge on finance, taxation and innovative growth strategies.

Madison Grant Fund Inc. provides accredited investors with immediate and significant tax advantages, while offering mid- to long-term growth potential from the public shares of these expanding companies.

We maintain an active relationship with the public company and the investors for a three-to-five-year period.

Madison Grant Fund Inc. currently has assets of more than $100 million. We are in a growth period and are actively seeking public companies and investors interested in our unique structure of Limited Partnerships.

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